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حامد میر نے عمران خان اور جہانگیرترین کو بے نقاب کردیا

حامد میر نے عمران خان اور جہانگیرترین کو بے نقاب کردیا
"جہانگیرترین جب مسلم لیگ ق میں تھے تو تب عمران خان انکے لیے مافیا کا لفظ استعمال کیا کرتے تھے۔اور جب انہوں نے تحریک انصاف میں شامل ہونے کا فیصلہ کیا تو عمران خان نے کے دفاع میں زمین اور آسمان ایک کرتے نظر آئے۔ جہانگیرترین کیلئے عمران خان نے پارٹی کے بانی رہنماوں کی قربانی دے دی۔”


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1 Comment

  1. Mohammad Baig جون 3, 2020

    . Hamid Mir fights for the looters or the sacked journalists?
    Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of such campaigns if not the looters?
    So by writing in this way could you please the looters and the grabbers and the mafia that sold the Pakistan and put more than 40% poor into poverty lines along with making more than 40% as the shudders and the beggars by the corruption of the earlier regimes who drained poor’s money worth trillions and trillions and then drained it to their banks and bought properties in the UK and the USA.
    What kind of services you are performing for the poor and the denied and the neglected in the society by just abusing the PTI that means to just callback the looters and the mafia.
    And by the way if you are such a nice fellow and have love for the Pakistan why you did not talk one word for the dying and the sacked journalists counting to about 4000 with denying their all rights.
    Why the shit media did not arrange one programme for the sacked and the poor journalists whose kitchens are off and their kids need someone to help their families.
    But the media mafia that lauds much more in the evening and shouts and roar and yells for the looters and the TTs must feel shame somehow and call some programmes for the dying and the sacked journalists.

    جواب دیں

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