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ارمان لونی کا قتل کیوں کیا گیا؟


* Fahmida Riaz in her novel Qila-e-Faramoshi

* has written the story of a man named Mazdak

* who used to be a priest in the erstwhile Persian empire

* This man is considered to be the first socialist leader in history

* because when famine hit the 6th century Persia,

* he tried to organize the labourers and farmers

* who were losing their lives and livestock in big numbers

* due to lack of food

* On the other hand, loads of grain was stored

* with the rich and at the temples for the priests

* So Mazdak tells an ailing workman at one point:

* “This system is based on injustice;

* the city has enough grain for us all,

* we should break into their storages and seize it”

* The workman says, “Yes, we have decided to steal some tonight”

* Mazdak, who is a priest as well, says it’d be sin to steal

* The workman asks him what other option did they have

* Mazdak says: “Don’t steal in the darkness of the night,

* take what’s yours in the light of the day”

* So what’s the difference between stealing

* and demanding something?

* In both cases, you’re taking from a usurper what’s already yours

* The difference is that of the legitimacy

* When you steal, you lose your legitimacy

* Which means that you can be killed

* in an operation whenever required

* The rich and powerful today also don’t want you to have legitimacy

* They would never want their opponent to have

* a legitimate claim against them

* This is why untiring efforts are being made

* to get Taliban a share in power structure of post-America Afghanistan

* But Arman Loni is murdered

* Even those trying to attend his funeral are stopped


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